Due to the increasing infeed of fluctuating electricity sources - e.g. wind and solar - classic price patterns (base/peak prices) are strongly interfered by stochastic weather-driven price volatilities. A revenue maximizing marketing of electricity generation calls for a proper handling of the specific pricing mechanisms and uncertainties in the wholesale electricity markets. Also, a high reaction speed is necessary due to time-critical processes, particularly in intraday trading.


Q-Plant is based on the mathematic optimization procedure stochastic dynamic programming and has been developed specifically to capture the particular price patterns in electricity markets. The stochastic spot prices (day-ahead and intraday) are captured in detail by our proprietary market model. Our approach outperforms deterministic approaches and standard price forecasts. Q-Plant allows for a full optimization within a short calculation time and can therefore support time-critical processes, e.g. for intraday trading.

Screenshot Administrate the dispatching and optimization on forward, day-ahead and intraday markets centrally with Q-Plant

Q-Plant supports you with the marketing of your power generation along the entire time horizon - from short term intraday and day-ahead trading to the forward marketing as well as the planning of asset investments. You can use Q-Plant as a local software installation or as a comfortable web interface via your user account.

Screenshot Retrieve your model results online and visualize them with Q-Plant

Q-Plant can be adjusted quickly to fit your individual needs. We are continuously calibrating the model for you based on a large data set of fundamental drivers. Alternatively, it is possible to enter your own model assumptions, ensuring that model premises are fully transparent to you at all times.

Screenshot Edit your plant data fast and easily with the comfortable user interface.

Q-Plant is able to model all types of conventional power plants, e.g. hard coal, lignite or natural gas with combined thermal production in the whole complexity of their technical parameters. Moreover, we optionally integrate client specific aspects in close coordination with you, e.g. heat storages, virtual power plants or renewable energy portfolios.

Screenshot Export your model results in your preferred data format

We developed a high-performing dataflow system to allow for a convenient integration of external market data and fundamentals, as well as to ensure an easy embedding of Q-Plant into your existing IT-landscape.


  • Detailed modeling of spot prices (day-ahead and intraday) close to the market with our own market price model with all model inputs being continuously calibrated based on comprehensive fundamental data
  • Realistic results by means of stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) to capture price uncertainties
  • Convenient for short term trading support due to short calculation times
  • Low costs, because of no effort for implementation, maintenance and calibration of the models
  • Transparent and individual model assumptions
  • Easy integration into your IT-Systems